Welcome to CKX Lands, Inc.

CKX Lands, Inc. is a Louisiana corporation organized in 1930 as Calcasieu Real Estate & Oil Co., Inc., to receive non-producing mineral royalties spun off by a southwest Louisiana bank. Over the years, as some of the royalties yielded oil and gas income, the Company used the proceeds to purchase land. On May 17, 2005, the Company changed its name from Calcasieu Real Estate & Oil Co., Inc. to CKX Lands, Inc. The primary reason for the change was to help clarify that the Company is not directly involved in oil and gas exploration or operations. As used herein, the "Company" or "CKX" refers to CKX Lands, Inc.

The Company owns land and mineral interests and collects income through its ownership in the form of oil and gas royalties, surface leases for farming, right of way and other uses, and timber sales. The Company is not involved in the exploration or production of oil and gas nor does it actively farm its lands or manage its timber. These activities are performed by others for royalties and management fees.

CKX Lands, Inc.'s office is located at One Lakeside Plaza, Fourth Floor, Lake Charles, LA 70601. Our phone number is (337) 493-2399 and our email is admin@ckxlands.com.